Our Story

Our Story

Bring the best of what’s outdoors indoors with the Natural Air E-Controls System. The natural way to a healthy home.

Natural Air E-Controls is the inventor of the world’s first SMART Whole-Building Ventilation controller with SMART HVAC System performance monitoring and SMART Environmental Sensors. In 1998, two of our inventors separately and independently set out to reduce environmental illness, improve indoor air quality and reduce energy consumption. Both inventors sought to achieve these goals by modifying the existing HVAC systems in their homes. Fourteen years later in 2012, these two inventors met and combined their air management and HVAC control components. After four years of development and testing, Natural Air E-Controls was founded in 2016. Natural Air E-Controls, its founders and inventors have spent over two decades researching, developing, prototyping, testing and refining their proprietary blend of ducts, dampers, monitors, sensors, controllers, misters, sanitizers and software specifically for use in residential and low-rise commercial buildings.

According to the EPA our indoor air is 10X more polluted than the air outside.

When installed on new or existing HVAC systems, the Natural Air E-Controls System creates the healthiest indoor possible by harnessing the power of Nature. The Natural Air E-Controls System’s proprietary sensors and software rebalance the indoor environment by mimicking the natural outdoor ecology.

Who could have imagined our homes and offices would become the most dangerous places for us to be?

We know that you cannot have healthy buildings without clean indoor air. The effects of indoor air pollution on Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) are major health concerns recognized internationally by health and environmental organizations including the following:

– the World Health Organization (WHO)
– US Health & Human Services (HHS)
– US Department of Energy (DoE)
– National Renewable Energy Laboratories (NREL)
– US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
– numerous non-governmental studies

Contaminants such as formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and radon can accumulate in poorly ventilated homes. Excess moisture generated within the home also needs to be removed before high humidity levels lead to physical damage or mold growth. U.S. Department of Energy experts agree that the exchange of indoor air with outdoor air should be controlled by a whole-building ventilation system. The Natural Air E-Controls System provides the only comprehensive, SMARTly responsive solution to protect our indoor air and our loved ones.

Our Natural Air E-Controls System optimizes IAQ by exchanging inside air for the best available outside air. There are no chemicals, no detergents or unnatural additives whatsoever.

The direct and immediate result of treating your indoor environment with the Natural Air E-Controls System is an enhanced quality of life and wellbeing. This is achieved by the substantial reduction of indoor air contaminants like chemicals, VOC’s, mold spores, pet dander, dust mite waste and many other allergens.

The Natural Air E-Controls System maintains continuous, ongoing research and development programs to improve the efficacy of our hardware and software systems.

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