How it Works

How it Works

The Problem

Modern home and buildings are required by building code to be sealed against air leaks to conserve energy. But these “tight” buildings cause indoor air pollutants to build up, making indoor air a health hazard for everyone.
Standard HVAC systems draw outdoor air indoors, where it mixes with existing indoor air contaminants. However, these contaminants are not removed and continue to circulate within your home or office.

Odors, allergens, and pollutants invade our homes and offices every day. Is it possible to stop this invasion yet save money at the same time? And be environmentally responsible?

The answer is YES!

The Solution

The Natural Air E-Control System is a breath of fresh air for your home or business, reducing power usage while conserving natural resources. It’s also a unique way to control and monitor your new or existing HVAC system.

The Natural Air E-Controls System has been designed and engineered to reconnect you with Mother Nature. Breathe air the way it was intended – fresh and clean – allowing you to enjoy the best of the outdoors indoors where you spend the majority of your time.

Optimize Your Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Our system transforms your air conditioning system into a SMART whole-building ventilation, monitoring, and indoor air quality (IAQ) control system. When conditions are favorable, outside air is brought inside to optimize your indoor environment.

Not only does your IAQ improve but so does your energy savings. Since poor quality indoor air is exhausted into your attic crawlspace, the workload of your HVAC system is reduced.

The Natural Air E-Control System provides clean, fresh air for your home that is energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

Lower Your Energy Costs…

All Year Long

Reducing energy consumption saves money, while at the same time decreasing the environmental impact of heating and cooling your home or office. The Natural Air E-Control System employs energy-saving measures, such as bringing in cool outdoor air instead of running the air compressor when appropriate. When indoor air needs to be warmed, outdoor air can be used at the warmest time of the day, reducing heating costs.

The Natural Air E-Controls System adds a SMART whole building fan cooling and heating (Free Cooling/Heating) functionality to your existing HVAC system. This conserves energy by using cooler outside air to cool or warmer outside air to heat the inside of your building whenever possible. Although a small amount of energy is used to run the HVAC fan, controlling these functions with a SMART controller reduces the run time of your most expensive appliance – your air conditioning compressor and heating system.

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