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How it Works

How it Works

The Problem

For home and commercial business owners alike, their house or building is a valued asset. This is the place where they have invested heavily, both financially and emotionally. Other expensive goods have built-in diagnostics – cars have dashboards and early-warning systems, computers have virus protection software and system health-check tools. Yet the most important and valuable purchase in people’s lives remains largely unmonitored.

Modern homes and buildings are required by building codes to be sealed against air leaks to conserve energy. But these “tight” buildings cause indoor air pollutants to build up, making indoor air a health hazard for everyone.

The energy inefficiencies of the HVAC systems currently available for low-rise buildings or homes can average $1,000 per year in added energy costs. Inexplicably, HVAC systems in homes and low-rise buildings typically monitor only temperature of the indoor air. International, United States and local building codes require HVAC systems to ventilate buildings with outside air daily. Few systems, however, are capable of determining the most energy efficient conditions for allowing such air exchanges. None of the systems currently on the market for low-rise buildings or homes monitor and compare the quality of indoor and outdoor air. Additionally, other systems do not or determine SMARTly whether ventilation with outdoor air is even needed or advisable.

Standard HVAC systems draw outdoor air indoors, where it mixes with existing indoor air contaminants. However, these contaminants are not removed and continue to circulate within your home or office. Odors, allergens, and pollutants invade our homes and offices every day. Is it possible to stop this invasion yet save money at the same time? Is it possible to be environmentally responsible?
The answer is YES!

Our Solution

The Natural Air E-Controls System is a breath of fresh air for your home or business. This system reduces power usage while conserving natural resources. It is also a unique way to control and monitor your new or existing HVAC system. Reconnecting with Mother Nature is possible because of the design and engineering processes used in development of the Natural Air E-Controls System. Breathe fresh, clean air and enjoy the best of the outdoors indoors.

Optimize Your Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Our system transforms your HVAC system into a SMART whole-building ventilation, monitoring, and indoor air quality (IAQ) control system. When conditions are favorable, outside air is brought inside to optimize your indoor environment.

Not only does your IAQ improve but so does your energy savings. Since poor quality indoor air is exhausted into your attic, the workload of your HVAC system is reduced.

The Natural Air E-Controls System provides clean, fresh air for your home that is energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

Lower Your Energy Costs…

All Year Long

Reducing energy consumption saves money, while at the same time decreasing the environmental impact of heating and cooling your home or office. The Natural Air E-Controls System employs energy-saving measures, such as bringing in cool outdoor air instead of running the air compressor when appropriate. When indoor air needs to be warmed, outdoor air can be used at the warmest time of the day, reducing heating costs.

The Natural Air E-Controls System adds a SMART whole building fan cooling and heating (free cooling/heating) functionality to your existing HVAC system. This conserves energy by using cooler outside air to cool or warmer outside air to heat the inside of your building whenever possible. Although a small amount of energy is used to run the HVAC fan, controlling these functions with a SMART controller reduces the run time of your most expensive appliance – your air conditioning compressor and heating system.

We believe that through our SMART hardware and software solutions, Natural Air E-Controls will empower home and low-rise commercial building owners to track the health of their most costly asset – their home or low-rise commercial building – in real-time, proactively enhancing the longevity of their asset. Simultaneously, Natural Air E-Controls will transform the HVAC system into a SMART environmental control and protection appliance as follows:

  • Optimize indoor air quality (IAQ) in a fashion that is both adaptive and responsive to outdoor air quality and conditions
  • Maximize energy efficiency by using outdoor air to ventilate the structure only when indoor air quality conditions require ventilation, and when outdoor air temperature and humidity are optimal for energy-efficient ventilation
  • Maximize energy efficiency by using outdoor air to fan cool/heat the structure in preference to engaging the compressor heat pump, furnace or heat strips (when outdoor air conditions are optimal for energy-efficient fan cooling/heating)
  • Automate monitoring of HVAC component function with the user and/or service technician notification of HVAC component malfunction
  • Pressurize and ventilate the building automatically in the event of structure fire (escape mode)
  • Noise pollution sensors within the SMART ventilation controller gather noise pollution data both inside and outside the building as a decibel (dBA) reading that the user can see and share.  In addition, these noise pollution sensors determine if smoke, carbon monoxide and/or radon alarms within the building are sounding. Upon sensing one of these alarms, the SMART Ventilation controller activates the safe escape ventilation mode.

Utility companies are always seeking better methods for peak load management. Health insurance companies and Medicare lose billions of dollars due to poor indoor air quality exacerbating environmentally sensitive illnesses. By optimizing both energy efficiency and IAQ, the Natural Air E-Controls System not only saves home and building owners money, it also creates potential savings for the larger economy.

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