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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Natural Air E-Controls products different from other products?

Natural Air E-Controls, LLC is a pioneer in the field of automated controls for HVAC systems. The company’s inventors and developers created these controls to optimize Indoor Air Quality, lower energy costs, and monitor the status of your HVAC investment. No room air purifier, air filter or scent diffuser can make these claims.

  • Technology

    Our system provides intelligent, whole-building air exchange. Conventional systems rely on open damper ventilation only.

  • Area Covered

    The entire home or office benefits from air exchange, not just air circulation. This exchange allows for the reduction of odors, allergens, and pollutants inherent to indoor living (such as volatile organic compounds).

  • Intelligent Control

    Only the Natural Air E-Control System provides intelligent control of your HVAC system. Conventional systems, while ASHRAE compliant, do not allow for maximizing air quality when it benefits you the most.

  • IAQ/OAQ Responsive Ventilation

    Maintaining the balance between Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and Outdoor Air Quality (OAQ) is a key element of the Natural Air E-Control system. And indoor air is protected during times of poor outdoor air quality. There are no comparable products currently available on the open market.

  • On-Demand Ventilation

    At the push of a button, the entire building can be ventilated on demand for the time period selected. Unwanted indoor odors, such as cooking aromas or paint fumes, can be cleared rapidly.

  • Energy Savings

    Adding the Natural Air E-Control system to your new or existing HVAC system can reduce your energy use (and costs) by up to 30%, even if your system already is ASHRAE compliant.

  • HVAC Operation Monitoring

    The Natural Air E-Control system provides real-time monitoring of your HVAC system and indoor air quality. No other product on the market protects your HVAC investment in this way.

Why does a building need whole-building ventilation using outside air?
Energy necessary for heating and cooling accounts for 42% of the total energy cost for homes and other small structures. To counter these rising expenses, the “envelope” of buildings has become increasingly airtight.  However, airtight also means poor indoor air quality.  The effects of Indoor Air Pollution (IAP) on Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) are major health concerns recognized by experts. 
According to the EPA, indoor air can be over 5 times more polluted than outdoor air. Contaminants such as formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and radon can accumulate in poorly ventilated homes.  Excess humidity can lead to mold growth. Monitoring these factors is what makes the Natural Air E-Controls System unique.
Are Natural Air E-Controls products safe for humans, pets and animals?

Due to their reliance on naturally clean outdoor air, all Natural Air E-Controls products are safe for human, pet and animal contact. They are also environmentally friendly and 100% natural.

Why is the Natural Air E-Control System more than just another ASHRAE whole house ventilator?

An ASHRAE whole house ventilator is designed to ventilate a small fraction of your indoor air without regard to outside air quality, outside temperature, outside humidity or even whether the indoor air quality is better than the outside air quality. The Natural Air E-Control System optimizes Indoor Air Quality only when the outdoor air quality is equal to or superior to the indoor door air quality PLUS the outdoor temperature and humidity are optimal for energy savings. The Natural Air E-Control System’s inventors and developers created these controls not only to optimize indoor air quality but to lower energy costs and monitor the status of your HVAC investment.

Why are most conventional whole house ventilation methods detrimental to humans and the indoor environment?

Most conventional whole-house ventilation methods, including ASHRAE 62.2 compliant whole-house ventilation exchange indoor air with outdoor air without regard to the outdoor temperature or humidity. This means that the incoming air must be heated or cooled, as well as dehumidified, to maintain the indoor comfort levels. Conditioning this incoming air costs energy and money.

Gyms & Health Clubs

Members are breathing the same air and sharing equipment such as treadmills, weights, yoga mats, and locker rooms.  Carpets, towels, and sportswear are the most favorable home for dust mites, pet dander, allergens and harmful bacteria to grow and emit bad odors. Natural Air E-Control Systems offer all-natural, chemical-free solutions, to create healthier indoor living and workspaces. Natural Air E-Control Systems are the safest, most natural way to achieve a superior indoor air environment mimicking, the natural ecological balance found outdoors.

Small Manufacturing

Commercial buildings, such as dental labs and producers of cleaning supplies that have or use harmful chemicals in the manufacturing process, can quickly and efficiently be handled for a safer and cleaner working environment.

Restaurants & Bars

With a Natural Air E-Controls System, as opposed to on-demand air exchangers, owners and operators can better control their indoor environment for customers and staff with adaptive and responsive automatic optimization of indoor air quality. 

Nursing Homes & Assisted Living Facilities

The US Department of Health reports that 4.8 million patients visit the emergency room for environmentally-responsible illness each year, resulting in 99,000 deaths and an estimated $20 billion in unnecessary healthcare costs. Natural Air E-Control Systems reduce the number of allergens and airborne contaminents, reducing the potential for the transmission of infectious diseases.

Schools & Daycares

Cleanliness ranked as the fourth most important building element impacting students’ personal learning. Natural Air E-Control Systems reduce the number of allergens and airborne contaminants, reducing the potential for the transmission of infectious diseases.

Offices and Other Small Buildings

Sick Building Syndrome affects about 30% of new and remodeled buildings.  Natural Air E-Control Systems help reduce foul, musty, mildewy odors and improve air quality.

Commercial Applications

Natural Air E-Controls offers solutions for resetting and rebalancing any size indoor environmental space by using outdoor air to optimize indoor air quality.  Natural Air E-Control Systems offer all-natural, chemical free solutions to create healthier indoor living and work spaces. Natural Air E-Control Systems are the safest, most natural way to achieve a superior indoor air environment, mimicking the natural ecological balance found outdoors.



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