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"It's What's Missing... Inside!"


A New Indoor Environment
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Health -- Comfort -- Savings.

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Making the most of the 90% of life
the EPA reports is spent inside!

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Now you're being forced to live in the same used and abused air -- like in a sealed up box -- breathing the same old air over and over and over...

Installing Natural Air filter for fresh air intake
But your AC can now give you total control of your
inside air -- not just temperature -- but for air quality,
humidity, and money-saving "free air conditioning" too!

To enjoy re-connection to your primary life force,
bringing the best of the outside, inside, automatically.

"Fresh air is like adding color to a picture..."

Here's the Bottom Line. You can artifically try to
clean your inside air to maintain a healthy indoor
air environment by using "add-on" bandaids like
special filters -- or -- you can use Mother Nature's

own naturally cleaned and recharged fresh air!

Nature uses her own special process consisting of
sun light, rain, wind, Iightning, the oceans and plants,
plus special natural chemicals like hydroxyl to scrub
out specific polluting gases like carbon monoxide.

This natural air cleansing and revitalizing process,
creating real "fresh air"... cannot be duplicated.

So why not use the real thing?
Natural Air.

* * *

The new NATURAL AIR SYSTEM Works With Your Central Air Conditioner
To Deliver
Multiple Payoffs:

  • Improved Health, Feelings, Mood, Vitality
  • Increased Inside Comfort and Enjoyment
  • Cleaner Interior with Less Work & Expense
  • More Security - Less Noise (no open windows)
  • Automatic Control of Your Desired Inside Air
  • $aves Money & Increases Your Property Value

Even though You can't see it ...

(including yours!)

(The only questions are what kinds and how much -- and what it is doing to you.)

* * *

The Natural Air System!
-- The Fresh Air Force --

"It's our inside 'breath of fresh air'... dust and
germ eliminating... money saving machine... the
best improvement investment we've made."

What is the Natural Air System? Why is it Needed?
And What can it do for You?

"It's the missing link of inside air -- because if it's not
natural air... it's just the same old air!"

"Inside -- We've been cut off from our primary life source!"

To save on heating and cooling costs, our homes and businesses have been essentially converted into sealed boxes to stop outside air leaks. We spend some 90% of our lives, according to research by the EPA, inside these air-tight boxes, breathing the same air.
Until recent research, we were just not aware of the bad quality of interior air inside our places... and of the harmful effects on us of breathing such contaminated inside air.


"There's more to inside air... than being cool."

The EPA has announced that the indoor air we breath can be up to 100 times more contaminated than our outdoor air, and that most of us are spending over 90% of our lives indoors!

The American College Of Allergy Physicians has stated that "50% of illnesses are either caused by or aggravated by contaminated indoor air."

Studies tell us now that these energy-saving steps have high costs. They have cut us off from Mother Nature's fresh air... that vital life-force link or "fuel" that we all need to function fully, to maintain good health, and to provide the living conditions that we are biologically designed for. O
ur inside air is now shut off from our outdoor natural supply of life-sustaining oxygen... and is loaded up with all kinds of harmful contaminants that have no place to go -- except our lungs.

We need to control more than just inside air temperature!

The Natural Air System addresses this problem with an all new appliance product that transforms your existing central air conditioning systems into a total air control system that gives you - for the first time - complete preference-power over "your air"... not just temperature conditioning of the trapped-in air you are now being stuck in with, but the power to exchange your "used" stale air for fresh and filtered new air that is clean and completely "conditioned" with the temperature and humidity as you want it.

The difference is that you are spending your money to condition healthly air instead of harmful air.

This new total air control system picks up where conventional air conditioners now fall down... by automatically delivering fresh and clean natural air directly into the closed-up interior spaces of homes and businesses.

Works with your existing central air conditioner...

The Natural Air System works with your existing central air system to automatically bring in 100% fresh air flows throughout your place right out of your existing air vents. It completely filters and cleans the incoming fresh air to remove any unwanted substances like dirt, dust or pollen... and delivers fresh air in any amounts and on any schedule desired... all the while maintaining complete comfort control over your inside air temperature and humidity levels.

Energy savings can pay for this new system!

This all-new total air control system also saves you money by using favorable outside air to provide you with free air conditioning... and by recycling stale but dry and cool inside air into areas like attics or storage areas to "condition" them also... to save even more money.


What's more important - inside - where most of us
spend 90% of our lives... than the health and
well being of occupants?

Yet we have locked bad air inside with us, which
we can't get out... while we have good air outside,
which we can't get in!

And we run our expensive air conditioning units
to keep the harmful inside air comfortable... even
while the healthy outside air is already comfortable.

Does that make any sense?

* * *

If you want more detailed information about this indoor air quality problem -- please continue down this page.

NOTE: Since the Natural Air System is a totally new product, we provide the research and reasons behind the product for those interested... beginning below with a general overview.


How does "air" get into your home now?

Except for those times you open up windows -- which
also brings in dust, dirt, and even rain -- some outside air leaks in through construction cracks inside your walls and ceiling, by infiltration. This infiltration occurs when outside wind pushes against walls... and it also occurs every time you turn on an exhaust fan such as in a bathroom or kitchen, or run a clothes dryer, or light up the fireplace or a fuel heater. These devices create a lowered air pressure inside the home which literally sucks in outside air through these construction cracks hidden inside your walls, and then right into your home through openings such as those around wall plugs. Every building has these openings, but the newer ones have fewer and smaller openings, since an effort has been made to seal newer buildings better for more energy efficiency, comfort, and money savings.

Here's the problem with this "air"!

This outside air is drawn into your home - for you and your family to breath over and over - through the dead space areas between your walls... which is in a word... filthy! These are areas where you cannot clean, where all kinds of bad air substances accumulate... like dust and dirt, decaying insect remains,molds,concentrations of construction toxins, and even the highly poisonous termite pesticides and yard sprays which accumulate outside along the walls of the building... to be drawn in through cracks where the walls meet the foundation.

In effect, you "ventilate" these bad air spaces
with outdoor air... bringing the bad air in
these contaminated areas into your home.

Then you recirculate this bad air around and around throughout your living area with your central air conditioner - using your money to heat and cool it - while breathing it in and harming your health to one degree or another.

You're putting good money into bad air!

Does that make any sense...?

The Natural Air System creates a Positive Air
Pressure in your home, pushing the bad air OUT
as it brings in clean and healthy air INTO your home.

Now You Can Enjoy Nature's Best... Clean Fresh Air... Inside!

"Air it out - automatically"

And Best Benefit of all... is that the new Natural Air System can pay for itself with energy savings -- which is good for you and good for the environment!

Natural Air System prices start at $985 plus installation... providing you with much more in health and comfort benefits from your existing investment in a central air conditioning.

Total Air Control!
"Air that feels good... and makes you feel good!"

For the first time, the new Natural Air System puts you in full control of the all-important breathing air inside of your home or business... not just temperatures... but the full spectrum of inside air control needed to be able to maximize the overall health, comfort, and expense payoffs by benefiting from your ordinary central air conditioner in this dramatic new way.

The key element in this new patented process resides in the added capability (to your air conditioner) to quickly sweep out stale and contaminated inside air... replacing it with Nature's Own freshly cleaned and revitalized outdoor air (double filtered coming in to screen out any dust, pollen, etc).

This first time possible, complete control of the inside air you live in, can only be accomplished by automatically managing your interior air environment using the computerized "brain" of the all new Natural Air System.

The Natural Air Computer Control System manages your air exactly as you want with our personalized LIFE program...
(Living Inside Friendly Environment).


"If you think everything is just fine in your home... then you don't know what you are breathing!"
(The danger of bad inside air is that it usually looks and feels ok.)

Why do those inside...
Want to get outside...
For "a breath of fresh air"?

Obviously because we know that the
outside air is better than inside air.

With every breath you take inside... you get less
and less of the good stuff in natural air, like
oxygen... and more and more of the bad stuff
collecting in stagnant and stale air, like carbon
dioxide and other pollutants. Our bodies know
we are not getting the "life force" in fresh air...
when we are forced to breath trapped inside air.

Just as with smoking, or drinking poor quality water, or eating unhealthy foods... the trapped inside air we take into our bodies with every breath... harms us, damages us.

Were you aware of these important facts?

Shockingly, most caring consumers are not! A research survey by the American Lung Association concluded that "nearly 9 out of 10 Americans are not aware that levels of indoor pollution can be higher than outdoor levels (and making them sick)."

But the word and warnings about indoor air is now getting out. The prestigious Battelle Research Lab now reports that "Indoor Air Quality" will become the #1 most important health concern of the coming decade.

Why do we live in buildings that separate us from fresh air?

Is your air making you sick?

According to the experts, most likely it is... although you probably don't know it... are not aware that your own inside air can be such a critical and causal factor in how you feel, what you get done, and in the way you react to others.

Scientific American, in a feature article states...

"The many findings now available from multiple
studies of people's everyday exposure all points
to a single conclusion--that the same air pollutants
covered by environmental laws outdoors are
usually found at much higher levels in the
average American residence."

Our trapped inside air becomes a virtual soup of harmful dust, odors, fumes, mold, contaminates, organisms, etc... that we coat our lungs with as we continue to breath the same polluted air over and over and over again. In a small way, we literally poison ourselves with each breath we take!

What kind of sicknesses...

How important to you is it to feel good, productive?

Being "sick" from bad air can range from just not feeling good, or being listless and down... to suffering headaches, frequent colds, sneezing and watery eyes, etc... all the way to the longer term exposures of contaminated air that can lead to terminal and disabling diseases like painful cancers and respiratory failures.

Filters won't do the job...or just cleaning ducts.

"You can't filter your way out of this...!"

* * *

Now there is a common sense solution...

The Natural Air System delivers all the fresh air
you want... as you want it - when you want it... all automatically.

* * *

Are there any other payoffs...?

Basically... you get increased comfort and feelings of well being from repeated injections of oxygen-rich fresh air... and from the expelling of harmful gases such as carbon dioxide, the breathing waste-product that causes drowsiness as it concentrates and accumulates in your trapped interior air... as well as mold growth control through precise regulation of the interior humidity inside your home.

Feel Better -- Enjoy More

The Natural Air System also flushes out dust, offensive odors, irritants like smoke, and contagious organisms... like when a sick person is expelling harmful germs that just circulate in your home air... looking for new bodies to attack.

Cleaner Home & Cleaner Living = Less Work

Your guest and visitors will also enjoy your "great air"!

The Bottom Line Decision-Question is...

What other home improvement offers such
an important range of user benefits and payoffs that effect both your health and your wealth?

Since every breath you take impacts your health... and every nice day outside can mean unneeded air conditioning expenses... check out your specific "air-advantages" now.

Call Today For Your
Air Analysis.

Stop putting good money into bad air!

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Decades back, buildings "leaked" enough to keep getting some fresh air in and some stale air out. But to save money for expensive heating and cooling energy, we tightened up our homes and businesses to stop the air leaks.

Now we find that in constructing tight buildings to save on energy costs... we are confined to breathing trapped-in toxic air which is also harming us... which also has a "cost" to us.

How do we solve this choice between two bad results...?

With the Natural Air System you can eliminate both bad results. You can have the dual benefits of having fresh air inside... while saving even more money on your heating and cooling costs.

The only way you can do this, however, is to be able to exchange your inside air for outside air... in the right way at the right time in the right amounts!

Only the patent-pending process of the new Natural Air System does this for you.

Here's how the Natural Air System can pay for itself.

Your central air heating and cooling unit is easily your most expensive system to run, repair, and replace.

So any time you don't have to artificially heat or cool the air in your home, you are saving major living-expense dollars!

Think about all those "nice outdoor days" we have in the two-thirds of each year from October through May... when it is great outside, but most just continue to allow their central air conditioner unit to generate their inside air temperatures. Even when the air is cool outside, most continue to spend money to artificially cool off their trapped inside air... mainly because there has been no practical way to do otherwise.

It seems that opening and closing windows in a limited attempt to get some of that invigorating outdoor air inside when often more of a hassle than most want to put up with on a continuous basis. Opened windows also brings in outside noise and unfiltered air containing dust, pollen, etc. - even rain if you forget - and opened windows can defeat security systems and make it easy for intruders to break in ...creating a potentially dangerous security threat to you and your family.

With the Natural Air System automated computerized controls, any time your central air unit thermostat-setting calls for heating or cooling inside , the Natural Air System first looks at the outside air to see if it can efficiently use that air to heat or cool (or help to heat or cool) your home... and to provide you with fresh outdoor air... all at the same time!

You get the best of both -- fresh air and energy savings -- all at once... without having to do a thing... even think about it.

These types of home improvements also increase the value
of your home, providing an added investment return by increasing buyer attraction and selling price.